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"You may still have some questions about the Nu-U Rejuvenation program. Below are many of our most commonly asked questions and our answers to them. Have a look and see if your questions are here"
  • Why haven't i heard of Dr. Zheng or his treatment before?
  • What exactly is Dr. Zheng's background?
  • Does your Nu-U rejuvenation treatment have any known side effects?
  • How long will the effect of your rejuvenation treatment last? Do I need to do it again on a regular basis?
  • I am taking other medication. Is this ok?
  • Are the drugs used during treatment natural?
  • What is the ideal age to begin your treatment?
  • How long can I live?

Why haven't I heard of Dr. Zheng or his treatment before?
Dr. Zheng only takes on a small number of clients at any time. This lets him spend quality time with each client while continuing his research into anti-aging. Because of this Dr. Zheng can take a maximum of only 5 new clients a week and has been getting about half this number through referrals alone. So don't delay making an appointment or you could find it difficult to see him.

Dr. Zheng!s real form of advertising is through word of mouth and he has never sought publicity in the mainstream.
What exactly is Dr. Zheng's background?
He is one of the 6 scientists responsible for the development of the Nu-U rejuvenation treatment. Dr. Zheng started his training as a apprentice in Chinese medicine at the tender age of 13, before beginning his college education 8 years later at Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine.

When he graduated he became a doctor on the staff of Guangzhou Red Cross Hospital, and subsequently moving to Australia, and continuing to practice Chinese medicine at his clinic.

During his 40 years of practicing Chinese Medicine Dr. Zheng held the position of vice-president of the Australian College of Traditional Chinese Medicine for 10 years, and currently holds the title of honorary chairman of the same institution.

In all this time Dr. Zheng has relentlessly pursued his goal of unlocking the secret to aging. To find more details please visit
Does your Nu-U rejuvenation treatment have any known side effects?
Because our ingredients are pure extracts from herbal plants, they don't have any negative side-effects. The only thing you will notice is that during the first 2 weeks of treatment, your urine will turn yellowish, bowel movement will increase, and the stool will become soft. These are indications that the medicine is taking effect. Within a few weeks you will start seeing amazing results.

How long will the effect of your rejuvenation treatment last? Do I need to do it again on a regular basis?
After your treatment your body will have grown younger. Of course, this doesn't mean you won't age, but the starting point will now be a few years younger. And you'll always be a few years younger than you would have been. 
We have had a few clients return to re-use our products. And each time they did it the aging process slowed down again, and over time we've seen some clients become 10 to 20 years younger than people the same age. 
That's because telomerase, which protects the telomere, which in turn protects the DNA in our cells needs to be renewed every few years. The effect of the treatment renews the telomere, but since this is part of a natural process within our bodies, it will not last forever.

I am taking other medication. Is this ok?
In most cases this is OK. Since the Nu-U Rejuvenation is a natural treatment it will not be affected by prescription medication. A problem normally only arises where the chemicals commonly found in western medication clash with each other.
However, in a few instances Dr. Zheng has recommended that the treatment not be combined with a client's current medication. As a trained medical professional this is one of the things he checks very carefully during your consultation.
Are the drugs used during treatment natural ?
All herbal formula in our treatment are categorized as nutrition supplements.
The ingredients are 100% natural and have seen clinical usage for over 8 years. And unlike risky therapies such as "hormonereplacement","lambplacenta","humanplacenta","stemcell agents","bacterial-toxinfacial injection"(facial nerve anesthetic leading to temporary loss of wrinkles), our treatment is absolutely free of negative side-effects, with no risk of rejection reactions.
What is the ideal age to begin your treatment?
Anyone over 23 is suitable.
Remember, the more cell divisions that have already taken place, the less divisions there are remaining; so for maximum effect, we recommend undergoing the treatment as early as possible. Don't wait! 
Of course, if you come for a no obligation, face to face anti-aging consultation with Dr. Zheng, he can more fully explain why earlier treatment brings better results.
How long can I live?
It's a great question. The Nu-U Rejuvenation will increase your life expectancy significantly. but once you've done the treatment you will still continue to age. Your starting point will be younger, that's all.
We can not defeat the laws of nature. And we can't stop people dying, but by knowing about the aging process we can slow it down, helping us live much longer.
So here's a question for YOU
What this comes down to is the price you place on your life. Do you really want to become up to 10 years younger? Would that make a massive difference in your life?

This may well be the biggest opportunity you'll ever get. Sure, anyone can earn money, get a bigger house or a better job, but to grow young again is everyone's dream. To extend your life with quality years is something that until now money could not buy.

And remember, your consultation with Dr. Zheng is entirely free. There's no obligation and no commitment to go through with the program unless you're 100% convinced it's for you.

To reserve your spot call +61 2 9283 0021 right now.

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