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Meet the Doctor

Dr. Zheng is a world renowned expert in Chinese Medicine and anti-aging. He started as an apprentice at the tender age of 13 before moving to the Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine. Dr. Zheng, who now is in his mid 50’s has been practicing Chinese Medicine for over 40 years. He is the Honorary Chairman Of The Chinese Medicine And Acupuncture Society of Australia, and that is after serving the society for 10 years as it's Vice-President.

Dr. Zheng has always been fascinated about why we lose our youthful appearance over time, and has dedicated his life to finding out the answer…but of course, like anything worth pursuing, it threw up all the challenges you can think of: such as the need for over 25 years of painstaking research, even running out of funds at one stage, family tensions, scepticism from experts, people wanting to steal his findings through forming research partnerships with him, and even hackers entering into his computer numerous times, plus some disbelieving people challenging him as a fraud…

But his commitment to using his medical knowledge to help people, saw him through. He made himself a promise to fight the popular idea of a quick fix -- taking shortcuts, chasing an instant younger look without consideration of the possible serious side effects…

His mission is clear: addressing the true cause of aging, getting a truly healthier and younger body from the inside out, then a more youthful appearance will naturally follow!

After more than 20 hard years of solitary research, one big finding in the scientific world inspired him to form his own team of 6 researchers, who poured their hearts into exploring & experimenting day & night. Taking another 5 years to finally crack the code of entirely rejuvenating the human body from within. 

He has a vision, that as more and more people become younger, healthier and happier, they will naturally adopt a more positive outlook on life, while experiencing a reduction in many age related diseases, inevitably relieving the pressure on the limited medical resources of our society.

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