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Nobel Prize Winners

“Nobel Prize Winners Discover A Safer,
Gentler Way To
 Trigger Your Body's
Natural Healing Mechanism - And
Wind Back Your Biological Clock"
Grow up to 10 years younger in 12 weeks
Live a longer, more vigorous life
No Harmful Drugs…No Surgery…No Tiring Gym Sessions
Research by the Winners of the 2009 Nobel Prize For Medicine and anti-aging expert Dr. Jack Zheng reveals the natural way to…

Reverse your biological age by up to 10 years in as little as 12 weeks
Live longer, look younger and be full of life
Lose weight quickly and effortlessly
Regain crystal clear thinking
Enjoy the best sex you've had for years

Have you noticed the signs of aging?

They include fine lines on your face, age spots and a loss of skin tone. Your once youthful face may be losing its glow. Or suddenly grey hairs are everywhere, where there used to be only one or two.

It could be that it's easier to put on weight and harder to take it off.

Or maybe you become tired more easily, need more sleep at night or even crave a powernap in the afternoon. If so, you've probably noticed your energy levels are lower than they once were.

Or worst of all maybe you've been suffering bouts of 'foggy thinking','senior moments' or memory loss.

But here's great news. Thanks to the winners of the 2009 Nobel Prize for Physiology and Medicine you can literally reverse your biological age by triggering the enzyme which keeps us young.

Best of all, one of the world's leading researchers is located right here in Sydney. He is Dr. Jack Zheng and for the last 15 years he has also been studying the anti-aging effects of the same enzyme.
This discovery is one of the biggest
medical breakthroughs in years.
For over 20 years our head researcher, Dr Zheng has been obsessed with finding the Fountain of Youth.

He followed dead-end after dead-end. Every path of research led to disappointment and heartache.

That was until the mid 1990s when Dr Zheng stumbled across the work of the 3 Nobel Prizewinners. Their big finding in the scientific world inspired him to form his own team of 6 researchers, who poured their hearts into exploring & experimenting day & night. Taking another 5 years to finally crack the code of entirely rejuvenating the human body from within. Literally millions of dollars were spent in their quest to perfect the ultimate anti-aging treatment.

What was this breakthrough?

The breakthrough was the study of the telomere. First discovered in the 1980s it became more well known thanks to the study of three brilliant scientistswho went on to win the 2009 Nobel Prize for Physiology and Medicine for their research.

Their names were Elizabeth Blackburn, Carol Greider and Jack Szostak.

So what is the telomere…and why does it reverse the aging process?

The telomere is the cap on the end of our chromosomes. They're the white bits in the picture to the right.

And their job is to protect chromosomes as they split and multiply when the cells divide.

To understand it better just think about the plastic end which protects your shoelace. As the plastic end frays your shoelace is no longer protected and quickly falls apart.

Our telomere acts in the same way. Every time a cell divides the telomere shortens. Eventually this protective end is damaged so badly that it can't protect the chromosome, at which point the cell dies.

We're fighting a losing battle to keep our cells intact and multiplying. When we're conceived telomeres have around 10,000 DNA base pairs. This shrinks to 8,000 at birth and continues to drop to 3,000 when we're well into our older years. At this point our cells lose the ability to divide and we begin our downhill journey.
Every time our cells die we hear the ticking of our biological clock.
Researchers have found that the life of the telomere can be extended significantly. There is an enzyme called the telomerase which acts on the telomere to keep it healthy.

Effectively it repairs the telomere and keeps it healthy for longer. It's like fixing the plastic end on your shoelace keeping the shoelace stronger for longer. The longer your telomeres last, the longer your life will be.
“So Why Is This Such A Medical Breakthrough?”
Because a growing number of scientists are rising up against the belief that aging is a natural part of life. They believe it can be manipulated, treated and delayed.
They believe aging is actually a disease and should be treated as one.
Dr. Aubrey de Grey from Cambridge University is one such scientist. He has identified 7 cellular factors which cause us to age, and which he believes can be treated. He believes we can easily live to twice the average age simply by controlling the rate at which our cells divide, and ensuring our cells are in perfect health.

David Gems, a biogerontologist (the study of aging) believes aging should be seen as a disease. This way modern pharmaceuticals can be developed to treat aging as a separate condition.

Nir Barzilai of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine at Yeshiva University in New York says we would reduce our health problems if we treated aging as a disease.

And Andrew Dillin of the Salk Institute in California is part of a lobby group pressuring the US FDA to redefine aging as a disease in it's own right.

Nu-U does exactly this.

It treats aging as a disease, acting on every single cell in your body to reverse the aging process.Cells which were close to dying become strong again. Cells which were about to stop dividing have suddenly extended their life.

Mainstream treatments don't actually reverse the aging process. They simply target the symptoms.Skin creams, and supplements to give us more energy, spring to mind. And sure - while you may look or feel better with these treatments your biological age hasn't changed one bit.

On the other hand this Nu-U treatment restores the strength and lifespan of your cells, stopping and then reversing your biological age. As a result your skin's tightness will return. So will your energy and clarity of thought. You will enjoy all the pleasures of life you had a decade ago including a more active life and improved sexual function.

Here are some examples of our patients.
Remember, none of these women used any skin care products during their Nu-U rejuvenation treatment. Nor have they ever had any plastic surgery. What you're seeing is a direct result of rejuvenating their body, cell by cell.
“Why Chinese Medicine?”
Dr Zheng's extensive research has revealed that the most effective way to strengthen the telomerase is with Chinese medicine. After all, the Chinese have been treating aging with traditional herbal remedies for centuries.

Better still all the elements needed to stimulate the telomerase are found naturally in ancient Chinese medicine!

It's why traditionally, Chinese women appear so youthful.

And now Dr Zheng has actually perfected the formula which has been used in various forms for thousands of years.

In all there are 11 different ingredients in Dr Zheng's formula. And all play a part in stimulating the telomerase, strengthening our cells and extending their life.

But be warned:there are many newcomers to the field who claim to have a better formula. If this is the case, why do they only talk about their ONE special ingredient, and not their overall formula?

It's because their formulas rely on this one ingredient only. We know what this special ingredient is, and rest assured – Dr. Zheng and his research team have tested this ingredient thoroughly to confirm its anti-aging effectiveness.

But Dr Zheng knows that to reverse aging you need a more complete formula.

Dr Zheng and his team have discovered the right combination of 11 different ingredients necessary to maximise the anti-aging effect. This is exactly what Dr Zheng and his research team have been studying for years.
And if you're the type of person who always demands the best
then it makes sense to do it properly
and not follow a cheap solution designed for the masses.
Case Study #1:
Wasted $28,000 on a world famous treatment before
coming to us
At the age of 37 Jenny from Los Angeles broke up with her long term boyfriend. It was a tough time for her and things got so bad that she literally aged 10 years in 12 months.

On the verge of a breakdown she knew she had to do something. She flew to Europe for the famous "Placenta Treatment". Nearly $28,000 later and her results had been pretty poor.

Lucky for Jenny she got in touch with one of our clients who talked her into coming to Australia to do our treatment instead. Things had gotten so bad for her that when she arrived in Australia, customs didn't believe the photo in her passport was hers.

She started on her treatment during her 3 week stay in Australia, and by the time she returned to the States, she could already see and feel definite signs of improvement.

By the end of her treatment Jenny had taken at least 10 years off her appearance and felt like a new woman.She had her life back.
“Why Is The Formula So Effective?”
After 15 years of extensive research, Dr Zheng and his team have developed the most powerful and effective anti-ageing solution in the world.

Because unlike other 'solutions' Nu-U has not 1 but 11 different ingredients. Each specially chosen because of their unique ability to stimulate the telomerase and reverse aging.

I'm sure you understand that, due to confidentiality we can't name the actual ingredients here. But this is how the ingredients work together:

  Two ingredients which used together activate the telomerase, keeping our chromosomes stronger and extending the cells' life

  A flowering plant with over 2,000 years of use for promoting long life. It is unbelievably high in a special vitamin known to increase the number of times a cell can divide

  Three ingredients – one of which can only be found above 3,000 metres - which extend the cellular division cycle, significantly extending their life.

  An ingredient which is more valuable than gold because it takes 20 years before the plant contains enough medicinal properties. That's probably why most anti-aging solutions opt to leave it out. But Dr Aubrey de Grey proved in his book The Mitochondrial Free Radical Theory of Aging that this ingredient is a critical part of anti-aging because it enhances our Mitochondrion, the part of a cell which provides it with energy.

  A notoriously difficult to grow plant which is only found above 3,000 metres. But this plant actually controls how often our cells divide and reduces the chances of cancer developing

  The active ingredient from a certain herb which boosts our cells' garbage disposal system, making them function more efficiently and preventing them from being poisoned and dying. The active ingredient is extremely difficult to extract and very few people have ever done it correctly. Dr Zheng is one who has perfected the process.

  The precise combination of 3 plants which act together to remove harmful free radicals from our bodies
So Why Isn't It More Widely Known?
Why Do Only The Chinese Know About It?
People of Chinese descent (especially women), are devouring this treatment. Every week its creator Dr. Zheng gets up to five eager patients contacting him about it.

Most of them contact him because they've seen the incredible changes in family or friends who have undergone our treatment.

But that still doesn't explain why Dr. Zheng's patients are mostly Chinese. It's not because his treatment works better on Chinese than on westerners, because it doesn't.

The simple reason is…

…Dr. Zheng only speaks limited English.
And to overcome this, Dr Zheng has hired a translator to help him. He has also hired other English speaking staff and helped them write this report. All this is making his treatment available to everyone.
What Can You Expect To Experience?
As soon as you begin you'll start noticing changes. And over the 12 weeks of treatment these changes will become more dramatic. Here are some of the changes you'll experience:

Tighter, younger looking skin – Your skin will tighten again andbecome smoother. Age spots will fade and wrinkles will smooth out. You will look in your mirror and notice the clock winding back. Imagine the reaction of your family, friends and colleagues as you literally grow younger before their eyes.

Lose weight quickly – As your body grows younger again your metabolism speeds up. This means it can process the excess weight you've gained over the years. It starts burning the fat it hasn't been able to for years and you will literally be reshaped, and return to a much more youthful figure.

The extra weight you've gained around your waist will disappear. So will the extra fatty deposits you may have developed around your upper arms and neck.

Power through your day – Many of our patients experience a sudden and dramatic increase in their energy levels. They tell us they're getting more done every day than they have for years, and don't feel exhausted at the end of a busy day.

And if you've been feeling low on energy the difference is incredible. You'll power through your daily routine, and even have energy for an exercise program. And if you've got children I don't need to tell you what this means for you!

Develop razor sharp clarity – People joke about becoming old and forgetful. But it's true. A mental fog descends upon as we age which affects our thought processes. Our judgment becomes poor…we forget important things and our ability to make quick precise decisions drifts away.

It's why people rely on others to make decisions as they age. But as you wind your biological clock back this 'brain fog' lifts, leaving you to make sharper, more intuitive and more accurate decisions.

Need less sleep – As you grow younger your body becomes more efficient. This means you use less energy doing your daily tasks and recover faster from physical activity.

Have the best sex in years. After our "Nu-U rejuvenation treatment" a lot of women have become revitalized inside and out. Best of all their new found confidence with their younger body allows them to relax and experience intercourse more powerfully, thus becoming more responsive and actively engaged during sex!

And it's not just women who notice a difference. Men also find their sex drive returning and are a lot more, shall we say, confident than they have been in years.
Case Study #2:
Pain has completely disappeared. Her chiropractor can't believe it!
Take a look at the dramatic changes Gisel has experienced. In particular, note the change to the shape of her eyes,the firmness of her skin and the muscle tone on her face. The photos were taken at one month intervals.
Better still, Gisele also experienced the following…
·   Her waist line has reduced by 6cm
·   Her sleep has improved
·   The pains in her body have completely disappeared. Her chiropractor can't believe it.
·   The texture of her skin has greatly improved
·   Her energy levels have improved, and
·   She looks and feels like a new woman
But Maybe The Best Reason Of All Is How You'll Feel
It's time to feel proud and confident again. Time to seize back control of your life and have some serious fun!

Your skin will be tight and smooth again and you'll have a much fitter body. If you've been feeling sluggish you'll be so full of life and energy you'll want to grab your bathers and go to the beach or catch up with old friends.

People will look. People will notice. And they'll want to know what you're doing.
Ask yourself…how will you feel when your family and friends start asking why you're looking so amazing.

Many of our clients tell us that they even detect a hint of jealousy from family and friends. And it's great to have people jealous of you, right? Of course. You deserve it.
Case Study #3:
Now Dating A Guy 20 Years Younger
After her divorce Sue, a 46 year old single mother of 2 had to shoulder the responsibility of raising her daughters alone. When they became independent she was suddenly faced with the prospect of spending the rest of her life alone and in declining health.

After she found us and took the "Nu-U Rejuvenation treatment" Sue grew physically and mentally younger. She gained the confidence to get back into the world again and shortly afterwards started a relationship with a young man only 26 years old.
Here’s How The Program Works
We're here to help you. Which is why we've made the program easy to follow, while giving you as much support as possible.

In fact, all you need to do is take 2 of the concentrated Nu-U capsules each day and apply the special Nu-U lotion, cream and anti-ageing spray. That's it! All the necessary 11 ingredients are combined in a perfect blend in all the products, making it easy for you.

In case you're wondering why there is a lotion and spray it's because some of the ingredients have been found to be less effective when taken orally. But when applied to the skin they're absorbed far more effectively.

And every month we ask you to return to our clinic to reassess your progress. Our assessment includes updating your photographs so we can visibly track the changes to your face and body. We also take your vital measurements again such as your weight and waist measurements. The pictures you see on this page are all from our past clients' monthly visits.

Not only do the photographs and measurements show their anti-aging results, they make an excellent indicator of the amazing progress they made over the 12 weeks.

And of course we're here during office hours, 5 days a week to answer your questions. Naturally as a client Dr Zheng and his team will treat your question as a priority and talk to you as soon as possible.

You can call us in our office or email us. Whichever you prefer.
Workout And Diet FREE ZONE
Here's some news I'm sure you'll love. Because the Nu-U rejuvenation treatment begins at the cellular level you won't need to spend hours working out in the gym or eating a special diet.

Your body simply returns to its natural state.

And if you want to budge some weight It means you'll finally get rid of it without hitting the gym or changing your diet.

Your new metabolism literally melts the fat away.

That's not to say you shouldn't exercise. And of course nearly all our clients do begin an exercise program soon after beginning the program. That's entirely their choice.

After all Nu-U gives you the energy and motivation to keep you on the right track. And once you have more energy you'll want to improve your fitness levels and muscle tone even more.

You'll also begin to crave healthier foods which boost your energy and overall health even more.
“But Aren't All Anti-Aging Solutions Equal?”
Here's the scary part. Most solutions are totally ineffective. They've been developed around the consumer's budget, not around getting results. So they're limited to what the masses are used to paying for medicines. And quite frankly that's not a lot.

Which is why most people using their products only report small changes. They simply don't realise what they're missing.

Our solution is different. For a start it's more expensive, and we make no apology for that. If you're accustomed to the best then I'm sure you're used to paying that bit extra to avoid getting second best.

Dr. Zheng's philosophy has always been to produce the Rolls Royce of anti-aging treatments. And Nu-U is undoubtedly the finest, most effective anti-ageing solution available. He figures that people should be given the opportunity to have the best.

And that while most people will still chase the budget-price solutions before moving on to the next shiny object, there will always be a handful of astute clients who realise that paying the price is the best investment they can make in the long term.
Anti-Aging Is An Investment, Not An Expense
A solution of this calibre actually pays for itself many times over.

For a start you'll throw out all your old creams and lotions. The fine line erasers which cost you $200 will be gone. So will the moisturisers and other skin creams. Your skin will naturally grow younger, tighter and more radiant with our treatment. So there's your first saving.

But what else? If you have a career, the extra energy means getting more done each day. Greater mental clarity leads to making better decisions, turning you into a star performer. And better results mean better career options.

And what if you have your own business? Well we don't need to tell you about the dramatic impact more energy and better mental clarity will have on your bottom line. Imagine getting 20% more done each day. That's got to have a major impact on your bottom line, right?
Contact Us Now For A Free Anti-Aging Consultation
You might be wondering why your treatment begins with a free consultation.

It's because we strictly limit the number of people who can access the treatment. We spend extra time with each patient and very carefully monitor their results.

Dr. Zheng insists that all new clients are fully aware of the science behind the treatment, what it involves and the improvements you should expect over the course of the treatment. He wants clients to ask every question they may have.

And because Dr Zheng's English is very limited, he will be accompanied by a translator.

However, due to his ongoing research commitments, Dr Zheng cannot accept too many clients into his program at one time. His limit of only 5 new clients per week means not everyone can get in. Only a limited number of people will ever be able to join the program.
Not Everyone Will Be Accepted
You must be prepared for the fact that not everyone will be accepted. The reality is that no treatment ever suits every person. And if Dr Zheng does not truly believe this treatment is right for you, you will not be accepted.

Dr Zheng will reject people who…

  Don't have a genuine interest in their health or life. Plenty of people are desperate for an opportunity like this so Dr Zheng only accepts people who are serious about it.

  Expect instant, overnight results. While this treatment is the quickest way to reverse your age, it's a natural treatment so results are not instant. And even though many patients report dramatic changes after only 2 weeks, we tell people not to expect too much too soon.

  Are not prepared to invest in their health. This treatment is very exclusive and only for those who aren't prepared to settle for second best.

If it becomes apparent that you aren't right for the program, Dr Zheng will tell you straight away.

If you are accepted, we will take photographs and other statistics such as your weight, age, waist measurement and document any health issues you currently experience. These will all be reviewed month by month so you can see exactly how far you've progressed.
What's Really On Offer Here?
Do you know what this really is? It's much more than a medical treatment. It's a chance to get your life back.

Fact is, we all have a limited time here. And it's up to us to decide how much we get out of it. Many people are satisfied going from day to day, going to work, coming home and simply dealing with what life throws at them.

Others, however are determined to live life to the fullest. They have decided to live as long as they can and cram as much into each minute as possible. They see life as full of adventures and possibilities, and want to feast on everything the world offers them.

To them, life is a banquet, there to be tasted, sampled and enjoyed.

Their success is measured in getting the absolute most out of life.

The question is…which person are you?

If you are only interested in living day to day, and have no other goals then it sounds like this treatment may not be for you.

But if you're serious about achieving something amazing in your life then a healthy body and lifestyle are essential.

Let me summarise why Nu-U is the treatment for those serious about changing their life.

1. You'll look and feel younger. Within a few weeks of beginning the program you'll notice the fine lines in your face disappear, and you'll see wrinkles reduce. But best of all if you're feeling sluggish you'll notice a massive boost in your energy levels and you'll be doing more each day than you ever thought possible. Imagine how you'll feel when you finish your daily routine an hour earlier than usual and still have the energy to do more.

2. This is a 100% pure all-natural solution. Apart from some alcohol used in the spray, there are no chemicals in here that aren't natural. In fact, everything in the solution comes from nature. Which means you're not exposing yourself to potentially harmful chemicals with all sorts of possible side-effects.

3. Nu-U has stood the test of time. All medications in our treatment are purely natural and all have seen successful clinical usage for over 9 years. They've treated the Chinese for a host of ailments, and kept them young for over 3,000 years.

4. Nu-U actually reverses the aging process. Because Nu-U improves the health and longevity of your telomeres, it doesn't just make you look younger, it actually reverses the aging process from the inside out…beginning with your cells.

5. Nu-U builds on the work of 3 incredible Nobel Prize winning scientists. Dr Zheng and these 3 scientists will be in your corner every step of the way. Not only that, Dr. Zheng's team of Chinese medicine experts will also be right behind you with their combined 30 years experience of study and development.

6. Save money. Once you begin the treatment you'll realise you no longer need any of your wrinkle removal creams, skin lotions, nail strengtheners or any other products you use now. You'll save a fortune on the products and pills you'd have otherwise bought, and you'll never need to consider expensive or dangerous cosmetic surgery. And just think how many extra productive years you'll gain and how much extra money you'll make.

7. Improved sex drive and performance. As you turn back the clock your sex drive and performance will improve out of sight. Women will feel more energised and be more engaged and confident. Men will enjoy their increased performance and confidence. While we appreciate this is often a sensitive subject, do not be embarrassed to ask for more information during your free consultation.

8. Quick and easy weight loss. The key to losing weight is to get your body doing all the work. And that's what happens with the Nu-U treatment. You won't have to force each gram off because your improved health and metabolism will kick in and your body will simply become more efficient. Excess weight literally melts away as your body returns to it's natural state.

How will these changes affect your life?

Fast forward a few weeks from now when you wake up and jump out of bed, fully energised and ready for the day.

You'll power through your day, getting more achieved than you ever thought possible. And at the end of the day you'll have plenty of energy left over for the gym, to go for a jog or simply enjoy the evening.

Better still, you'll be confident in each decision you make, knowing your judgment is not affected and that crystal clear thinking is helping you every minute of the day. That means better decisions for you and your family.

The good news is you're only one step away.

Simply click on the button to contact us, and we'll make an appointment with you to meet with Dr Zheng and a member of our team to discuss exactly how the treatment works, and the benefits you'll experience.

PS Dr. Zheng's research commitments mean he has limited himself to only 5 consultations a week. So I urge you to contact our office to reserve yours immediately or face a lengthy delay.

PPS This is unlike any other anti-ageing treatment you'll ever experience. Because it strengthens each cell in your body you'll experience a phenomenal boost in your energy levels, fine lines and wrinkles disappearing, excess weight disappearing, crystal clear thinking and decision making and a return to the sex life of your youth.

PPPS Remember, while Dr Zheng accepts most new clients he will not accept clients he believes are not truly committed to the program. You will only be accepted if you are totally determined to change your life and literally reverse your biological age.

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